Winter Programme (September-April)

Members meet every Wednesday in Ferring Village Hall, 9:30-11:30 A.M.

This year's Winter programme will appear here later in the year! See below for our Summer programme.

Date Subject Homework
Sep 6th Create various background pages & collect to work on later Paint emotions. Strong focal point. Not your usual materials
Sep 13th Use previous sketches, turn into storytelling work on the above
Sep 20th Portrait model Sarah.Tinted paper, crayon, paint, NOT just pencil
Sep 27th Paint an emotion. Mixed media, collage, etc. & Take summer sketches and paintings to display & critique
Oct 4th Dogs, cats, horses and cows. Use one BIG & one little brush Composition with Animals, BIG brush, little brush technique
Oct 11th Turn the above into semi-abstract painting, work on F.P.
Oct 18th Dog posing. Big brush, little brush, NOT just pencil please
Oct 25th Sketchbook keeping. Take your own, exchange ideas and experiment with new techniques and ideas & critique
Nov 1st The human figure in sport, hobbies, shopping. Use 3 colours Christmas paper, print with cork, potato, string on col. paper Human figure & Hobbies, create semi abstract design with strong focal point
Nov 8th Make simple Christmas card matching your paper
Nov 15th Model drawing, male and female. Bold, cover entire page
Nov 22nd Autumn colours, no white, make them sing. F.P.
Nov 29th Critique
Dec 6th Interior with human figure at night, with lamplight Interior with Christmas tree
Dec 13th As above but daytime, light streaming through door/window
Jan 3rd DIY tools, wheels, people & sport composition, interest. shapes Abstract or semi abstr. design of seemingly moving, rotating shapes
Jan 10th Collage of the above in abstract/expressive design, rotating & overlapping shapes, scissors, coloured paper/mags. On cardb.
Jan 17th Dog posing, large sheet several poses, pastel/charcoal/wat col.
Jan 24th Ray of light, hope.
Jan 31st Critique
Feb 7th Beach, woodland, garden objects. Pass on/exchange with your neighbours, every 15 min. Cut out & arrange on board. A strange country, fantasy. With lettering?
Feb 14th Members posing, poster paint, bold, BIG brush, little brush
Feb 21st A strange country, wall art style, bold, with stencils.
Feb 28th Critique
Mar 7th Still life, vase, pots, flowers, fruit. Share. Bold shapes, F.P. Still life with wax resist technique and strong focal point
Mar 14th The above with wax crayons and ink resist technique
Mar 21st Nude posing. A5 paper, any material, NOT just pencil
Mar 28th Easter egg hunting. Watercolour, pen/rigger brush & critique
Apr 4th Machinery of some type. BIG/little brush, clear focal point Composition in one colour of different shades and tones
Apr 11th Above in totally red or blue compo, leaning towards other cols.
Apr 18th Members posing, dress up, scarfs, hats etc. No pencils pls.
Apr 25th If I could be very, very small or big. F.P. & critique
May 2nd Outdoor painting begins

F.P. Learn to put a clear focal point in all of your work this winter
Work together and exchange ideas in class as much as possible.

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Summer Programme (May-August)

Members meet in different locations every week to sketch and paint outside.

See above for our current winter programme!

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Demonstration Meetings

Art demonstration meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month at
Ferring Village Hall, 2.30-4:30 p.m.,
and visitors are welcome at these (£4 per meeting)

Demonstration Programme 2017/18

2017 2017 cont'd
Apr 29th AGM (N.B. MOVED from 22nd)
Followed by pastel painting demonstration by Caryl Smith
Sep 16th Paul Alcock Cityscape in water-mixable oils
May 20th Liz Seward Landscape in mixed media Oct 21st Christine Forbes Semi-abstract in ink and watercolour
June 17th Andrew James Portrait in oils - 2pm to 5pm Nov 18th Roger Dellar Portrait in oils
July 15th Phil Madley From seascape to abstract in encaustic wax
In St. Andrew's Church Centre
July 31st thru August 5th Annual Exhibition 2017
Jan 20th Rick Holmes Along the Thames in pastel
Feb 17th Maggie Treadwell Landscape in acrylics, demonstrating masking, creating texture, glazing and incorporating text
Mar 17th Dave White WORKSHOP Seascape in acrylics
10.30 to 4.30 (overall time)
in St Andrews Church Centre.
[numbers limited—cost £30 members £35 non-members]
Apr 21st AGM

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Our latest demonstration

Bath comes to Sussex via Essex!

Our latest demonstrator was Essex-based Paul Alcock and he chose as his subject a street in Bath.
Paul often paints "plein aire" and showed us several examples of his fine work, some completed
over several sessions (making sure the time of day/weather conditions were similar)
and others in less than two hours.

A good crowd turned out, keen to see Paul in action and hear about the water-mixable oils
he was using. Paul felt there was little difference between these and more "traditional" oils
and that the techniques were similar, with the use of specially produced thinners and mediums
to abide by the "fat-over'lean" principle. He ran through his palette and his special use
for a piece of discarded venetian blind - keeping his little piles of paint slightly separate
from the rest of the palette!

Paul used a pastel pencil to mark only the main features of his subject but created
the overall image freely using paint directly - something he does more regularly now
as he believes this helps to create a more lively and vibrant end-product. He starts in one position -
in this case the little arch on the left - and builds out from there. Having created the arch,
he uses this to establish the comparative size, position and so on of the other buildings.
If something is a bit "out" - as happened with his first positioning of the roof-line - Paul showed
how easy it was with these paints to correct issues "on the hoof"!

In less than an hour we could see the painting take shape and in the second half
Paul brought it all to life, changing some of the tones in the mid-ground and adding the two silhouetted
figures to add interest. The large tree was darkened to draw it forwards and help to frame the archway
while Paul used yet another piece of blind to help create some of the guttering of the main building.
Creative indeed!

Just before ending, Paul had time to share some tips on painting outdoors
and carrying oil paintings safely - and show us some of his typical street gear.
All added to a successful afternoon's demonstration.

Click here to see some of our previous demonstrations!

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Location of Ferring Village Hall

Address: Ferring Street, Ferring, West Sussex, BN12 5JP


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Map to Ferring Village Hall

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